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Formalizing the study group


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Learn how creating and including key areas in your bylaws can ensure all crucial bases are covered for your study group.

Many successful groups have formal written bylaws to govern their activities. The bylaws should be very clear, covering all aspects of the group such as how it runs, who leads, and how members are added or terminated from the group.

Following are some items to include in your bylaws document:

  • Mission statement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Minimum and maximum number of members
  • Structure of the group, including demographics and agenda
  • Division and payment of expenses
  • Rules of inclusion
  • Rules of expulsion
  • Attendance expectations
  • Frequency and location of meetings
  • Leader’s responsibilities
  • Schedule for leadership rotation
  • Decision making
  • Guest attendance policy
  • Outside speaker policy
  • Process for disbanding the group

Adherence to compliance and local laws is presumed and required.


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