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Discovering a balanced approach to staying at home

Miliana, CFP

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Rather than seeing this virus outbreak as a great disaster, why don’t we try to see it as a great corrector that gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives?

After several weeks working from home, some of us may still be struggling. Understandably, we worry about our work and about the uncertain and unpredictable future.

Perhaps the problem is we measure success in terms of mere work productivity. MDRT, however, teaches a seven-pillar Whole Person concept of career, education, health, relationships, spiritual, financial and service. Rather than seeing this virus outbreak as a great disaster, why don’t we try to see it as a great corrector that gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives?

#StayAtHome gives us time to develop the Whole Person pillars we may have neglected in our busy lives. I’d like to look at other aspects of our lives besides careers. These are the following:

Education. Often, we make excuses about not having time to learn. Now is the time to study technology. I learned to use the Zoom app, which turned out to be very useful for current conditions. I also learned how to make video slides with PowerPoint, and I read several quality books.

Health. Through this time of a virus outbreak and isolation, we are reminded that being healthy is critical. I take vitamins more often now, eat more fruit, take 30-minute walks in the morning to get the sun’s heat and, of course, I frequently wash my hands.

Relationships. Usually, it’s difficult to have quality time with children because everybody is busy. I’m using this opportunity to play cards and board games with my kids, watch movies together and laugh with my children by looking at photos from when they were toddlers. Time runs so fast — now my children are in their teens, ages 14 and 17, and they are taller than me. By having them study at home, physical closeness makes us more connected. There is no longer anyone asking, "Mom, what time will you be home?"

Spiritual. In my opinion, this is the most important aspect. We can use the time to get closer to God and rethink the direction of our lives. I now attend online prayer sessions more often. Also, instead of being on social media, I read spiritual books to refresh my soul.

Financial. Many people may now understand the importance of having cash reserves for three to six months of living expenses for an emergency. I have evaluated unnecessary expenditure items and crossed them out. For example, I crossed out holidays abroad this year.

Service. During this time, people might be tempted to “panic buy.” Meanwhile, we hear a lot of people, like daily paid workers, who find it so difficult simply to have enough food. I set aside aportion of my money to donate. My income is decreasing, but I remember other people who are suffering more than me.

Let's use this opportunity when we have to #StayAtHome as an opportunity for us to grow to become a Whole Person.

Miliana, of Jakarta, Indonesia, is an 11-year MDRT member and Court of the Table qualifier. She’s also the 2019-20 MDRT Country Chair of Indonesia.

This originally appeared in the MDRT Blog.


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