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Why it’s OK to tear up your business plan


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There are many professional and personal reasons a business plan may change over the years. Yet it can be scary to write down the plan and scarier to adjust it. In this episode, MDRT members explain how they have benefited from identifying their approach and tweaking it over time.

You’ll hear from:
Adam Blumberg, CLU, CFP
Matthew Joseph Murphy, EPC
Ana Sofia Rodriguez, MBA

Episode breakdown:
0:25 – Do you have a business plan? Does it change?
3:30 – Why the concept of a business plan can be threatening
5:57 – Why my plan in the last few years would have been torn up annually
7:04 – How my business plan today is different than it used to be
8:31 – The importance of recognizing from the start that you’re a business owner
10:11 – If your business plan never changes, you’re doing something wrong
11:46 – “If it’s not broke, break it”

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