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What to do when couples disagree about financial decisions


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Maybe parts of a family unit have different views of their expenses. Maybe they don’t have the same understanding of what you’ve presented. Either way, how do you navigate a meeting in which clients are arguing with each other? In this episode, MDRT members share strategies to manage these situations and ensure that everyone reaches a positive resolution.

You’ll hear from:
Everett Revere Foxx
Steven Genoff, CFP
Brandon Green, ChFC, CLU
Dana Mitchell, CLU, CFP

Episode breakdown:
0:34 – The meaning of “The ping-pong concept”
1:42 – Identifying who the couple’s decision-maker is
2:30 – Why it may help for you to leave the room to let clients discuss
3:32 – Managing disagreements about what it costs to run the household
4:54 – Determining how to compromise to make everyone happy
6:14 – The importance of not taking these situations personally
7:06 – Recognizing clients just need space to process information

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