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Retirement topics clients and advisors should talk about more


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Life changes a ton in retirement. Are you talking with clients about finding purpose during these years? In this episode, MDRT members share how they help clients understand the overlooked aspects of retirement they need to think about in advance.

You’ll hear from:
Travis Manning
Angelia Z. Shay, ChFC, CLU
Jose Victor Vuilleumier Valdez

Episode breakdown:
0:24: “You want to retire at 55; what are you going to do?”
2:03: Giving tough love to express your concern
3:42: Establishing the importance of strategic preparation
6:43: Helping clients recognize the changes they will experience
8:04: Keeping in mind that each client is different
10:29: Sharing stories about successful retirements
12:30: Providing a checklist for a happy retirement
14:01: Acknowledging your “high-five moments”

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