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Navigating difficult situations with clients and staff regarding the virus


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During these unusual times, how will you handle potentially awkward conversations regarding safety? In this episode, MDRT members share how they are dealing with the complicated feelings and physical challenges involved in communicating with clients as some offices reopen.

You’ll hear from:
Catherine Chee Keng Lian, MBA, FChFP
John P. Enright
Sarah Helen Hogan, ACII

Episode breakdown:
0:32 – How to quickly identify where the other person is on the spectrum of concern
1:07 – Balancing an individual’s choice with the safety of others and yourself
4:51 – Continuing Zoom meetings even though the office is open
6:02 – Navigating difficult social experiences pertaining to safety
7:18 – Dealing with a wide spectrum of behavior regarding the threat of the virus
9:26 – Staying humble and adapting your client service to each person

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