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My most difficult income protection client


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How do you ensure the best protection for your clients if they dispute the value of insurance? Or if timing or withheld information prevents a policy from moving forward? In this episode, MDRT members share memories of the most memorable and challenging clients when it comes to protecting their income.

You’ll hear from:
Michael Bibb, BA, DipPFS
Sunny Istar Lee, IAR
Shelley MacIntyre, CHS
Elli Schochet, CFP

Episode breakdown:
0:34 – The regrets of a client who didn’t believe in insurance
2:22 – How to prevent that result next time
3:35 – The heartbreak of tragic timing
5:05 – A new view of “the ones that got away”
7:29 – Client forgetfulness and unrevealed information
9:37 – Changes to communication and understanding

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