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Lessons advisors apply from other roles they’ve had


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Do the responsibilities of financial advisors have anything in common with a pilot, a student at a demanding school or a parent of four kids? In this episode, MDRT members share how roles that might seem separate from their current work have helped inform the way they run their practice.

You’ll hear from:

Yakov Baylis, CLU, ChFC
Edward M. Burnett, RICP
Russell L. Clousing, ChFC, CLU

Episode breakdown:

0:33 – Delivering quality time as a professional pilot for businesspeople
2:55 – The universal importance of managing expectations
3:50 – Work ethic gleaned from a rigorous educational program
5:50 – How those lessons were applied as a financial advisor
6:50 – How raising four kids translates to prioritizing and managing multiple challenges
8:18 – Knowing when there is and isn’t time for friendly chatter
10:11 – Identifying focus time in school or at the office
11:12 – Recognizing that you don’t always have to take every call

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