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Is it better to push too much or too little?


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It isn’t always easy to know what approach to take with clients who aren’t sure what they want. In this episode, MDRT members explain why they would rather risk overplaying or underplaying their communication, and the client responses they have seen as a result.

You’ll hear from:
Michael Bibb, BA, DipPFS
Sunny Istar Lee, IAR
Shelley MacIntyre, CHS
Elli Schochet, CFP

Episode breakdown:
0:33 – The benefits of persistence
1:47 – Preferring to avoid confrontation and address a topic later
2:32 – The guidance from remembering that some coverage is better than no coverage
3:19 – Balancing communication by connecting at their level
5:17 – Identifying the privilege of having options and taking action
7:18 – Inspiring clients to celebrate their own good decisions

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