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How you can simultaneously do good and have fun by getting involved in the MDRT Foundation


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Do you know what’s involved in MDRT Gives Day? Or how to sign up to participate in a service project? In this episode, two MDRT members who currently serve on the MDRT Foundation Board of Trustees share what you need to know about the MDRT Foundation and how you can help yourself and the causes you care about through your efforts.

You’ll hear from:
Elaine Milne, Dip PFS
Ted Rusinoff, CFP

Episode breakdown:
0:31 – Many ways to get involved
1:12 – The combination of camaraderie and generosity
1:47 – What you can do right now to get involved
2:28 – The basics of requesting a grant
3:12 – How we got involved
6:12 – Why you shouldn’t be intimidated to volunteer

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