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How the MDRT Foundation has impacted me


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Maybe it’s seeing the opportunities and memories created for people around the world. Maybe it’s recognizing your perspective on the world has changed. In this episode, two MDRT members who currently serve on the MDRT Foundation Board of Trustees share how they have seen a difference in their lives through volunteering with the MDRT Foundation.

You’ll hear from:
Adrian P. Baker, DipPFS
Priti Ajit Kucheria, CFP, LUTCF

Episode breakdown:
0:26 – My biggest memory from more than a decade with the Foundation
1:22 – The first moment when I realized the power of the Foundation
4:07 – How I noticed the impact of the Foundation on my life
5:07 – Recognizing the ability to change lives around the world
5:58 – When the people in my life take notice of my involvement
6:51 – Expanding my awareness on a global level

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