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How advisors overcome staffing challenges


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What do you do if employees don’t work out the way that you expect? What’s the lesson from a staff member who doesn’t know to put a stamp on a letter? In this episode, MDRT members explain difficulties they have encountered and what they have gained from these experiences.

You’ll hear from:
David Braithwaite, Dip PFS
Sofia Dumansky, MBA, LUTCF
Jonathan Peter Kestle, CLU, B Com
Mark D. Olson, MSFS, CFP

Episode breakdown:
0:27 – Refining the job description to find the right person to replace departing staff
1:57 – Realizing the problems caused by continually extending a staff member’s probationary period
4:08 – Improving team camaraderie by removing a problem employee
4:33 – Learning that not everyone knows what you think they know
6:38 – When a new hire seems great but turns out not to be so great
8:39 – Adapting to things that aren’t done the way a team member says they are
10:36 – Changes being made to ensure hiring success in the future

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