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Are you keeping your staff both productive and happy?


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How do you maintain harmony among a staff that comprises different ages and responsibilities? What do you do if you realize you don’t want an in-house staff at all? In this episode, MDRT members discuss how they manage their teams and ensure their staff is best suited to the needs of the business (and vice versa).

You’ll hear from:
Adam Blumberg, CLU, CFP
Matthew Joseph Murphy, EPC
Ana Sofia Rodriguez, MBA

Episode breakdown:
0:28 – Giving everyone in the office a voice
2:12 – Standardizing the onboarding process
3:26 – Making changes quickly to suit younger team members
5:15 – Dealing with differences in generational communication styles
7:06 – Making the decision to outsource staff
9:50 – Communicating those changes to clients
14:27 – Required disclosure to clients about remote staff
16:49 – Further understanding about virtual assistants

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