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Adapting to new and surprising circumstances with staff


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In the last year, many advisors have had to embrace virtual options that they never considered before. In this episode, MDRT members share how they adapt to continuing changes to ensure not just that their practice is running smoothly but that their team members are happy as well.

You’ll hear from:
Carla Brown, FPFS
Matthew Richard Duffy, LUTCF, FSS

Episode breakdown:
0:35 – Changing from all face-to-face to all virtual
1:50 – The benefits of asking staff "What do you like least about your job?"
3:51 – How to decide between standardized vs. customizable policies for clients and staff
5:20 – When something mandatory becomes merely encouraged
7:40 – Determining what is and isn't OK when someone works from home
9:27 – How hiring changes when it doesn't matter where staff is located

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