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Advising Clients

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What does the future hold for the insurance industry in India post-pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseen challenges for businesses across the globe. The life insurance industry is no exception. It has faced significant decline in businesses in the first six months of 2020. Kamlesh Shah shares how the sector gradually picked up pace and managed to bounce back.

Change of perception for life insurance in India: How has the insurance sector evolved using technology amid the pandemic?

The insurance industry in India faced a significant decline in business in the first six months of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kamlesh Shah, a 13-year MDRT member from Mumbai, India, explores the new normal of the insurance sector and how technology has changed the whole game.

How to have critical conversations

Beyond your demonstrated success, are you missing a crucial piece in your risk management conversations?

Empowering widowed clients

How to help clients who have lost a spouse gain financial know-how and plan for their own future.

Bringing together lives and assurance

Offering additional coverage options proves to be priceless.

11 great ideas from MDRT members

MDRT members share tips on how to strategize with clients, ask thoughtful questions and more.

Tell your clients: Set aside a budget for insurance. It’s worth it.

Liza Mae Daniel, PFA, a two-time MDRT member from Cebu City, Philippines, shares tips on guiding prospects interested in availing of insurance products by maximizing their budget.

Establishing your financial planning expertise to build credibility and trust with prospects

Four financial advisors from the Philippines share how to build credibility and trust with prospects during the first meeting.


Understanding the dynamic between client and financial advisor

Often clients are worried that financial advisors' first priority is to sell. It’s not always easy then when a client asks for one product yet may be served better by another product. Top of the Table members Ted Rusinoff, David Blake, and Mike Ross as well as Court of the Table qualifier Josh Ketchie talk with TOT member Stephen Kagawa about how they work with clients in that situation and how it relates to what’s in Kagawa’s book, “Aloha Financial Advising.” Watch more in this MDRT book club conversation. Find out more about book clubs at See the full book club discussion in Favorite books: A chat with the author. (For MDRT members only)


Financial planning advice for entrepreneurs (SME owners)

Kate Sangco Lopena, CWP, CEPP, a two-time MDRT member from Quezon City, Philippines, built her MDRT portfolio by catering to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), a niche market for Filipino financial advisors. “Since SMEs comprise 99% of the local businesses here in the Philippines, they’re a big opportunity for financial advisors as the usual target clients are individuals. What they need to know is that Filipino SME owners also need financial planning advice to protect their businesses and employees,” Lopena said. “The good news is that they are business-minded people, making it easier for them to understand how insurance products can help them.”


How to motivate clients to secure adequate life coverage

MDRT, as part of the Help Protect Our Families initiative, presents a conversation with David Eric Appel, CLU, ChFC, and George B. Sigurdson, CLU, to examine how advisors can help clients and prospects see the value of life insurance. Appel and Sigurdson share their ideas for guiding clients to obtain adequate coverage, including grasping the urgency of making a purchase before it’s too late. Plus, an appearance by a special guest.


The joy of giving

The pandemic reminds us that life is fragile. Marten encourages you to experience the joy of giving through charitable planning.


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Encouraging clients to post about you on social media

Asking clients to post about their positive experiences with you to their social media platforms can be an amazing conduit for gaining referrals.


Social media lessons to drive prospecting

How do you ensure that the right people are seeing what you post on social media? Should you be sharing information about your products, your team, or your family? In this episode, MDRT members share the digital changes that have helped connect with new clients.

You’ll hear from:
Carla Brown, FPFS
Matthew Richard Duffy, LUTCF, FSS

Episode breakdown:
0:27 – Adjusting strategy on Facebook to increase exposure
3:21 – Driving engagement through posts about your team
6:18 – How to evaluate what is and isn’t working

Identifying hidden gems: Prospecting for high-net-worth clients

Are you looking to service your first high-net-worth (HNW) client in Singapore? Diana Zhu reveals how you can take the right steps.

The foundations of strategic social media branding

Stick to your passion, storify your content, and have a weekly plan.


The ability to pitch, the confidence to win

Learn about the art and skill of pitching to extract the maximum value from client relationships from Adam Slonim, a specialist in leadership training.

How to ask for referrals from clients

Referrals are a cost-effective way to bring in very valuable prospects. Gan Chin Soon shares effective ways you can ask clients for referrals.

How to requalify for MDRT

Daniella Chiu shares how she managed to requalify for MDRT by trying different ways to expand her network.


Understanding the High Net Worth market

How do you approach potential clients in High Net Worth circles? MDRT member Diana Zhu shares her expertise in serving the High Net Worth market in Singapore.

Getting referrals as a by-product of genuine connections

Joyce Chan from Singapore naturally attracts clients who align with her values. She shares the significance of being your authentic self with existing and potential clients alike.

Reimagining clientele

With her target market inaccessible during the pandemic, Stewart developed a whole new niche.

A line on new business

Three ways to encourage your friends to identify prospects and send them your way.

LinkedIn blunders

How to properly use LinkedIn, attract your ideal clients with authenticity and create a feel-good connection with storytelling.

Practice Management

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These are the must-have client servicing skills, according to MDRT members

Four MDRT members share their must-have pandemic-proof client servicing skills.


Best practices for consistent production

How do you ensure your practice is running smoothly throughout the year? Do you gather feedback from clients, and what do you do with that information? In this episode, MDRT members share changes they have made to ensure consistency in their business.

You’ll hear from:
Carla Brown, FPFS
Matthew Richard Duffy, LUTCF, FSS

Episode breakdown:
0:27 – The benefits of bringing in an operations manager
2:16 – Avoiding inconsistency with an intake form and a survey
5:41 – The value of using a follow-up questionnaire
6:43 – Changes made to improve and learn from the survey
9:16 – Determining that the operations manager was helping establish consistency


Improving productivity to meet your career goals

Seventeen-year MDRT member Pearlyn Koh, ChFC, shares why it is important for financial advisors to improve their productivity and how it has helped her achieve some major career goals.


The keys to successful succession planning

Whether you’re looking to grow your practice by buying a book of business, build your practice’s value in preparation of a future sale or pass down your practice to the next generation, it’s important to have a plan. A panel of four MDRT members address all three scenarios from their own personal experiences with succession planning


Three-part routine to effectively secure clients and retain MDRT qualification

Ivan Lontoc, a three-time MDRT member and Certified Investment Advisor from Makati, Philippines, shares his routine that's been important in maintaining his consistent MDRT qualification and expanding his client base.

State of transition

Advisors from New Zealand remain committed to client service, despite regulatory challenges.

The power of relatability

Davidson overcame adversity and found success by building on common ground — which he continues to nurture in retirement.

Reflection as momentum

Scritchfield looks to harness the organization's historical energy as he steers MDRT into the future.

Managing your 'little monsters'

How clear values can help tame teams.

Business travel up in the air

Will advisors eschew business travel as the world reopens?

Catching red flags during M&As

It’s easy to get excited about buying business, but due diligence is a necessary speed bump in the process.

Tips and Technology

Make your life easier with a device subscription, follow-up system and music to improve focus.

Whole Person

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Effective goal setting for MDRT qualification

Arlyn Tan, a strategic wealth management advisor and Qualifying & Life MDRT member, shares her perspectives on how financial advisors can best approach qualitative and quantitative goal setting in their careers, including MDRT qualification. “Consider these three things: Understand your Why, know the benefits, and plan how you will achieve your goals.”


How to achieve success as an MDRT member

Kelly Ho shares how she came out of her comfort zone to become a successful MDRT member.


MDRT magic

While we may not always be aware of it, there are tips and opportunities all around us. As Osada shares, sometimes those tips come in the form of small triggers.

Q&A: Thian Lung Jong

Thian Lung Jong has watched the pandemic show consumers the importance of proper financial planning.

Feeding the solution

MDRT members and the MDRT Foundation work to fight food insecurity.

Choosing service as a way of life

Nichols takes route of consistent service to become 2022 MDRT Foundation President.

Building confidence as an advisor

How mentors, hard work and the right attitude can elevate your chance for success.

Striking the right balance as a Whole Person

Being a financial advisor in Singapore’ fast-paced society is no easy feat. Bernice Lee shares her secret to maintain the balance between her career and personal life and why it’s important to slow down when we need to.


Beyond the money

During times of crisis, we realize the relationships we have with our valued clients go far beyond just money. Because other parts of our lives can greatly impact our financial life and vice versa, McNeely developed a quick satisfaction survey that you can implement into your business to help gauge how your clients are doing as a Whole Person.

Hope and support

MDRT Foundation collaborates with charity partner To Write Love on Her Arms for 2021 Annual Meeting.

Take a page from others' success

MDRT book clubs provide a solid foundation for developing fresh ideas and networking with other members.

Introducing clients to the Whole Person concept

Going beyond money talk with clients.