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Advising Clients

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Financial planning advice for entrepreneurs (SME owners)

Kate Sangco Lopena, CWP, CEPP, a two-time MDRT member from Quezon City, Philippines, built her MDRT portfolio by catering to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), a niche market for Filipino financial advisors. “Since SMEs comprise 99% of the local businesses here in the Philippines, they’re a big opportunity for financial advisors as the usual target clients are individuals. What they need to know is that Filipino SME owners also need financial planning advice to protect their businesses and employees,” Lopena said. “The good news is that they are business-minded people, making it easier for them to understand how insurance products can help them.”


How to motivate clients to secure adequate life coverage

MDRT, as part of the Help Protect Our Families initiative, presents a conversation with David Eric Appel, CLU, ChFC, and George B. Sigurdson, CLU, to examine how advisors can help clients and prospects see the value of life insurance. Appel and Sigurdson share their ideas for guiding clients to obtain adequate coverage, including grasping the urgency of making a purchase before it’s too late. Plus, an appearance by a special guest.


The joy of giving

The pandemic reminds us that life is fragile. Marten encourages you to experience the joy of giving through charitable planning.

Broadening perspective for better client servicing

Nine-year MDRT member Timothie Williamson Sy looks back on the turning points in his career that widened his perspective and evolved his client servicing.

Questions that reveal important financial information

Find out what information is needed to quickly assess a client's financial situation.

Make the case for whole life vs. term insurance

Using the real estate concept of rent-to-own, you can explain to clients the difference between whole life and term insurance.


How the pandemic changed how I discuss insurance

In a different world, there are different ways to approach the way you communicate with clients about their coverage. In this episode, MDRT members share how they have adjusted discussions of unemployment, retirement and more.

You’ll hear from:
Lam Pui Ka
Brad J. Myers
Leena Parwani, MBA, Cert CII

Episode breakdown:
0:34 – A difficult lesson about non-disclosure cases
7:22 – Revising plans for older clients who have lost their jobs
13:44 – Reframing the pandemic as a preview of retirement
16:05 – Figuring out how to explain the benefits of insurance to someone who doesn’t believe in it

Does insurance complement your client’s investment portfolio?

When people complete a financial plan, their personal investments often play the leading role. Insurance should also play a role. Here’s how you can work it into client conversations.


Don't talk yourself out of a sale

What happens when a client says, "I'll think about it." You may have failed to listen to a client and then you said the wrong thing. Sometimes, you can fail to acquire a client when you don't know when to stop talking. Find out how to avoid this from Top of the Table qualifier Joshua Bernard, from Grand Cayman Islands, BWI.


Three conversation starters for clients at different life stages

Glen Dasig, a six-time MDRT member and certified investment advisor from Parañaque, Philippines, shares his insights on starting conversations with clients with different priorities in life and building long-term relationships. “It is crucial that financial advisors understand one thing when meeting prospects. We must all prepare and do our research about our prospects. When used in conjunction with the preparation you have done, conversation starters will make up for an effective discussion with the client. I make time to prepare, do background study on my prospects, and even practice my conversation points with my manager before meeting my client. This step cannot be a shortcut, and it also shows the respect we give to our clients,” Dasig said.

Q&A: Yee Von Lim

Yee Von Lim on how the pandemic has impacted us on a global scale and indeffnitely reshaped how we work and live.

Well-covered but adding value

Advisors in Taiwan build on a culture that knows the importance of insurance.


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Connecting with new clients in a post pandemic world

Financial advisors will need to rethink their approach to marketing post pandemic as this will determine their success, or lack thereof, moving forward.

Mastering the art of prospecting

Putting others before herself has greatly helped Carol Chin leave a positive impact on her clients over the years. Find out what keeps her going when prospecting becomes challenging.


Tips on how to sound persuasive when securing potential clients

Edmund Chaw shares how he was able to make himself stand out and build his client base


The ABCs of building an MDRT client base

Yeoh Cheng Huann explains how an increase in referrals begins with expanding your client base and building more meaningful relationships with them.

Finding opportunities in the time of COVID-19

The professionalism, enthusiasm, and willingness to share and understand will provide financial advisors with more opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Succeeding as an introvert

Fanggara shares his strategies for selling successfully when you don’t like to chat up strangers.

What your body language articulates

Build a foundation that supports both your physical and executive functions.

Too hot, too cold, just right

MDRT members approach communication about income replacement like ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’

Eyes on emerging markets

What are some of the differences and similarities when it comes to servicing clients from neighboring countries? Nadia Wijatno shares her thoughts.

Building trust with your clients

Gaining trust from clients is key to a mutually beneficial relationship, especially in the financial services industry and financial advisors need to be there for their clients in good and bad times.

The 3 P’s of building relationships with clients

Melissa Delos Santos shares her 3 P’s of building relationships with clients, earning her MDRT membership and Top of the Table qualification.

Maintaining a robust relationship with existing clients to secure more prospects

A good advisor-client relationship can take your business to new heights. This completely depends on how you help them make informed decisions by understanding their needs or pain point to offer them the best solution.

Practice Management

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Adapting to new and surprising circumstances with staff

In the last year, many advisors have had to embrace virtual options that they never considered before. In this episode, MDRT members share how they adapt to continuing changes to ensure not just that their practice is running smoothly but that their team members are happy as well.

You’ll hear from:
Carla Brown, FPFS
Matthew Richard Duffy, LUTCF, FSS

Episode breakdown:
0:35 – Changing from all face-to-face to all virtual
1:50 – The benefits of asking staff "What do you like least about your job?"
3:51 – How to decide between standardized vs. customizable policies for clients and staff
5:20 – When something mandatory becomes merely encouraged
7:40 – Determining what is and isn't OK when someone works from home
9:27 – How hiring changes when it doesn't matter where staff is located


Financial road maps: your guide to success with your clients

You can create an exceptional first meeting experience with potential clients by using a simple tool called the financial road map. It allows you to understand clients’ attitudes about money as well as help determine if the client is a good fit for you. Top of the Table qualifier Ed Marshall explains how this works for him.

5 ways to deliver excellent service and become indispensable to clients

Communication is no longer a one-way street. With the rise of social media and self-publishing platforms, clients are becoming more active in enquiring and seeking information instead of waiting to be presented with content. The marketing process for insurance policies should thus begin with understanding the needs of clients. By offering seamless services and a positive client experience, you can build a reputation and gain a foothold in today’s information age.

Questions & Answers: Johan Fanggara

Johan Fanggara shares the right strategy to build strong team cooperation.

How leaders in insurance and financial planning in Hong Kong can lead teams in driving digital transformation

With digital transformation on the rise, leaders in insurance and financial planning in Hong Kong will need to be versed in social media and fintech, be flexible and agile, as well as possess strong client relations skills. This is crucial in guiding insurance and wealth management teams towards digitalization.


Success of MDRT members with digital adoption

Jayang, a 10-year MDRT member from Mumbai, India explains the importance of technology in the financial planning market. He also sheds light on the increasing need for technological upgradation.

Striving for excellence in emerging markets in Asia Pacific

Get exclusive tips from an MDRT member for success in the finance and insurance industries in emerging markets.

A healthy dose of fee tension

Althaus needed to increase her fees and narrow her client list — even if it meant having uncomfortable conversations.

The art and science of mentoring

How to follow a formula for success in a mentorship.

Listing your value

There’s a lot that advisors do that can be taken for granted. But creating a list of those otherwise invisible services can make your value obvious to clients and prospects.

Lighten the load

Three ways advisors can shift their attention to the most lucrative clients and tasks.

Testing, 1,2,3...

Thorough psychological testing ensures the defining character traits of employees, clients and successors come in loud and clear.

Whole Person

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Beyond the money

During times of crisis, we realize the relationships we have with our valued clients go far beyond just money. Because other parts of our lives can greatly impact our financial life and vice versa, McNeely developed a quick satisfaction survey that you can implement into your business to help gauge how your clients are doing as a Whole Person.

Hope and support

MDRT Foundation collaborates with charity partner To Write Love on Her Arms for 2021 Annual Meeting.

Take a page from others' success

MDRT book clubs provide a solid foundation for developing fresh ideas and networking with other members.

Introducing clients to the Whole Person concept

Going beyond money talk with clients.

Ideas for being a better advisor

A special edition of the Ideas section featuring takeaways from the 2021 MDRT Annual Meeting.


Mindset, vision, focus

Hartey uses his unique storytelling approach to explain how to set your mindset, create a vision and adjust your focus.


Nominee Acceptance Speech

Carol Kheng, ChFC, formally accepts the nomination to become the newest member of the Executive Committee.


Incoming Presidential Speech

Get to know 2022 MDRT President Randy L. Scritchfield, CFP, LUTCF.


2021 Presidential Address

Ian Green, Dip PFS, makes his 2021 Presidential Address.

Recovery and beyond

Middel receives MDRT Foundation’s top honor in support of Providence Network.


How we balance work and motherhood

Vanessa Bucklin and Addie Murdock explain how they navigate the work-life balance as busy moms and successful advisors.

Transform yourself and build better relationships when you change your mindset

Working from a growth mindset, removing barriers and secrets about high-net-worth clients.