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Advising Clients

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Doing the right thing

Leja shares a client experience she had that demonstrated how doing the right thing can boost business success.


Why the way you ask for referrals may not be working

Referrals make up almost all of Barbara Pietrangelo's business. She shares the simple steps that work for her in getting all the referrals she needs to keep qualifying for Top of the Table.


Second responders

In moments of national, regional and personal crises, first responders are the first to show up. Solano explains that, without sirens or flashing headlights, insurance and financial advisors are the second responders, with checks in hand to help rebuild lives.


The critical illness conundrum

Yeoh Tan Fung Jenny demonstrates how her interactive critical illness info cube can help boost your confidence and production levels.

What are some do’s and don’ts when discussing cash-flow modeling with clients?

Help clients allocate effectively toward their debt, risk management and savings goals to allow them to spend the rest of their money guilt-free as they wish.

What are the key components of a financial plan?

Help prepare for the what-ifs that can derail people financially, and give clients time to digest recommendations regarding debt management, cash flow and future planning.

Why is financial planning important?

Buying a product is usually a one-off transactional event — whereas financial planning is a lifetime process that involves trust and relationship building.

MDRT financial planning guide

Why is financial planning important? What are the key components of a financial plan? Do you discuss cash-flow modeling with clients? MDRT members Bhupinder Anand, ACII, Dip PFS; Sylvia Brim, CPA, CFP; Adrian George, CFP, TEP; Roy Hall; Thomas Henske, CFP, ChFC; Max Horne, CFP; and Barbara Pietrangelo, CFP, ChFC, possessing more than 130 years of combined experience as financial planners, advise on crucial aspects to know about financial planning.


Qualify for Top of the Table: Shift from order taker to financial advisor

When you become a financial advisor instead of an order taker it can cause a shift that increases both your income and professional happiness. For Top of the Table qualifier Ed Marshall, it starts with selecting clients who are financial delegators. He explains how to identify that type of client, and what to do with clients who won't implement a holistic financial plan.


2 ideas for taking your career to the next level

Recurring revenue and specific questions to ask clients are two of the ideas that helped take Top of the Table qualifier Ted Rusinoff it the next level in his career. Watch the video to learn more.

Questions to convert suspects to prospects to clients

Learn more about clients by turning observations into questions.

When sharing later is caring

Dipping into retirement funds early to help adult children could hurt both child and parent later. Here’s how to help clients avoid that mistake.


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Building trust with your clients

Gaining trust from clients is key to a mutually beneficial relationship, especially in the financial services industry and financial advisors need to be there for their clients in good and bad times.

The 3 P’s of building relationships with clients

Melissa Delos Santos shares her 3 P’s of building relationships with clients, earning her MDRT membership and Top of the Table qualification.

Maintaining a robust relationship with existing clients to secure more prospects

A good advisor-client relationship can take your business to new heights. This completely depends on how you help them make informed decisions by understanding their needs or pain point to offer them the best solution.

5 marketing tools that could help strengthen the relationship with clients

Surojit Kala, MDRT member since 2010, shares his thoughts on presenting the right set of solutions to address your client’s pain points in the simplest and best possible manner.

How to successfully market your practice

To explore what financial advisors can do to successfully market themselves, we speak to Sean Yap Yik Yee, a qualified MDRT member since 2018. He is currently the Country Chair for the Membership Communications Committee. Prior to becoming a financial planner, Sean was an electrical engineer by training.


Building your personal brand as a top-performing financial advisor

Personal branding differentiates you from other financial advisors. It contributes to earning your clients’ trust and their business. “Be authentic and relatable so people will naturally want to build a relationship with you.” Gain personal branding insights from top-performing financial advisor Agnes H. Ng, MBA, 2020-22 Country Chair, MDRT MCC Philippines, two-time Court of the Table qualifier.


Innovative prospecting using technology and giving events

David Blake and Pamela Sams share the out-of-the-box prospecting techniques, including social media marketing and philanthropic involvement, that they use to build their client bases.


5 ways to impart soft skills and generate client loyalty

The soft skills in the financial service industry plays a very crucial and important role for our branding and client services.

Preparing for your first virtual meeting with a prospective client

Video conferencing is highly susceptible to distractions. Find out how to keep your prospect engaged throughout the meeting from a Court of the Table member whose motto is to “always be closing.”

Five market strategies for emerging markets in APAC

If the current times have taught us something, it is that we all need to have a brief knowledge about the financial ecosystem. With the continuously developing market, it is imperative to arm ourselves with upgraded marketing strategies that focus more on online marketing than offline. Deepak Dhabalia shares some advice.

Growing together

A focus on discipline and serving evolving clients has prepared Kheng to lead the organization to continued relevance.

How to get qualified prospects through an online brand

Instead of chasing clients, create an online personality that encourages others to reach out to you.

Practice Management

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How financial advisors can walk the two-way street of mentoring

11-time MDRT member Joyce Jimenez, RFP REP shares how mentoring benefits both mentees and mentors, maximizing the team’s productivity and profitability.


Things to avoid to maintain good client relations

Anant Jain, an 11-year MDRT member from Jharkhand, India explains the importance of maintaining good client relations. He also sheds light on the things to avoid while dealing with clients.


Using a qualitative approach to review your business

Focusing less on the quantitative and more on the qualitative approach offers alternative perspectives on how to propel your business to the next level.


Staying ahead of the game through digital adoption

Esther Hu shares how digital adoption has helped work more efficiently and better understand the needs of her clients.

Working across national and international boundaries

What are some of the important things that financial advisors should take note of when working with a diverse team, including staff and clients from emerging markets?

Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with your clients

As a financial advisor, Top of Table member Jovin Yeo believes a relationship is more than just sharing aligned goals.


Tips on how to be a top performer in the emerging markets in APAC

Ashis Kumar Das shares some of the opportunities that financial services firms can leverage from emerging markets and how to apply relevant strategies from top global markets.


Moments when clients have shown unexpected appreciation

You probably aren’t anticipating that clients will go out of their way to make sure that you are properly compensated. In this episode recorded before the pandemic, MDRT members share times when they have been taken aback by gratitude from clients.

You’ll hear from:
Leanne Barbara Bull, Dip FP, CFP
David Meszaros, CFP
Paresh B. Shah, CFP

Episode breakdown:
0:36 – When clients insist to pay even when you’ve offered them a free meeting
2:14 – Making a priority of clients who are invested in you
4:50 – The surprise of clients being concerned about your finances
7:48 – Receiving unexpected praise and engagement from new clients
9:54 – The importance of aligning your fees with the value you deliver
10:43 – The impact of video testimonials from appreciative clients

5 Things to be aware of when working with a cross-cultural team

With today’s increasingly global workplace and diversity, knowing how to lead a cross-cultural team should be part of every leader’s skill set. In Malaysia, workplaces and offices are filled with people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, which make for a very diverse working environment. Here, the cultural diversity can manifest itself in different ways such as language, culture, behavioral differences due to norms and values, and even have different meanings attached to words, ideas or actions. Therefore, it’s important to be aware and learn what those differences are, because one’s cultural background informs how we interact with others. Here are 5 things to be aware of when doing just that.


The dream conversation

Building positive relationships with prospective clients based on their wants and needs


Why is it essential for emerging markets to lead and work in a cross-cultural team?

What are some of the benefits of working with a cross cultural team? Jagannath Das shares some insights.

When everything is in working order, fine-tune and streamline

Now that you have developed a business model, established processes, and determined how to deliver and communicate your value, it’s time to fine-tune and streamline your business. Look at what you were doing and what you want to do, and make the processes really work for you.

Whole Person

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Mindset, vision, focus

Hartey uses his unique storytelling approach to explain how to set your mindset, create a vision and adjust your focus.


Nominee Acceptance Speech

Carol Kheng, ChFC, formally accepts the nomination to become the newest member of the Executive Committee.


Incoming Presidential Speech

Get to know 2022 MDRT President Randy L. Scritchfield, CFP, LUTCF.


2021 Presidential Address

Ian Green, Dip PFS, makes his 2021 Presidential Address.

Recovery and beyond

Middel receives MDRT Foundation’s top honor in support of Providence Network.


How we balance work and motherhood

Vanessa Bucklin and Addie Murdock explain how they navigate the work-life balance as busy moms and successful advisors.

Transform yourself and build better relationships when you change your mindset

Working from a growth mindset, removing barriers and secrets about high-net-worth clients.


How I've grown recently

Have you changed your view of your work-life balance? Or of the way you build your clientele and staff? In this episode, MDRT members share the progress they have made, and what it means for their practices.

You’ll hear from:
Leanne Barbara Bull, Dip FP, CFP
David Meszaros, CFP
Paresh B. Shah, CFP

Episode breakdown:
0:35 – Reframing how you perceive your work and your time off
1:17 – A new perspective while operating independently
1:54 – Benefiting from a bigger pool of applicants to your team

Turning tragedy into opportunity

Hertel sponsors MDRT Foundation grant for Be Like Brit Foundation in Haiti.


Expanding your perspective

Is there a different way to look at working with clients or marketing ideas? After reading “Eyes Wide Open” by Isaac Lidsky and talking with the author in their book club, four MDRT members shared their life and career-enhancing ideas. Watch Terri Krueger, Alison Murdock, Ted Rusinoff and Brendan Walsh to see more. MDRT members can see the full version of the discussion with Lidsky. Find out more about book clubs at

Combatting decision fatigue

Try these strategies to fight depleting energy caused by a constant barrage of decisions.


How female advisors succeed — and help others do the same

A panel of three MDRT members discuss what it's like to be a female advisor and share their own success stories and how they’ve gained confidence over the years, as well as how to recruit and retain more female advisors into the profession.