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Advising Clients

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Demonstrate your value by redirecting clients to what's controllable

By redirecting client discussions to what can be controlled, financial advisors can bring peace of mind and sense of control to clients, which further demonstrates your value.

Why you shouldn’t start a conversation with “How are you?”

Learn questions that can help you connect with clients on a deeper level.


What keeps me going as an advisor

When things feel like a failure, Elke Rubach remembers how important it is to keep on helping clients reach their goals.

The importance of family when selling insurance

All of your clients carry with them the power of their family stories and heritage. How does that fit into your insurance discussions with clients?

How a family record worksheet leads to business

How a personal inventory of clients’ family members insurance and financial records helps clients and encourages them to work more with financial advisors.


Why clients pay for holistic financial planning

After implementing client fees for holistic financial planning, Mark Olson qualified for Court of the Table every year and it generates 70% of his income. In this brief video, find out how you can position this win-win arrangement with clients.

Change is on its way

The life insurance industry in Malaysia continues to evolve.

Picking up the pieces

Oliveira increases financial education and looks at behaviors to help her struggling clients.

Dignity planning

Focus on providing quality of life, not selling products.

Selling insurance across cultures

Ideas to sell insurance across cultures and to communicate its importance to all clients.

Another advisor's mistake: True tale of life insurance in action

I had to track down a widow before her money went unclaimed.

5 things millennials wish financial advisors knew

Millennials have unique financial needs. If a financial advisor can address those needs, they’ll find a willing group of people ready to become clients and build wealth.


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Getting referrals through virtual prospecting

Prospecting in traditional ways has been widely used by financial planners around the world. Prospects are getting resistant to these similar approaches, to the point where it is difficult to even get a prospect in for an appointment, especially high-net-worth prospects. Lim Yee Von illustrates a new way of prospecting that will not only get you appointments from your prospect easily, but also attract prospects to open up to your financial advice.

7 ways to kickstart your prospecting

Keep in touch with friends, clients and prospects with these seven tactful strategies for financial advisors and insurance agents.


Changes I've made to my marketing due to COVID-19

The pandemic forced Elke Rubach to be more intentional with online outreach, using social media to focus on the message she wanted to send.

Good call

10 ideas to get clients to actually look forward to hearing from you.

Dive in

How to effectively leverage social media.

Slow & steady

Why there's more to the Al Granum’s One Card System than just activity, and how you can increase production while slowing down the frantic pace.

Carve your niche

Narrowing down to a specific group can increase your business.


Double your presentation reach using webinars: And it’s almost free

For a long time, seminars worked for marketing and meeting new prospects for Top of the Table qualifier Simon Gibson, Dip PFS. In 2019, Gibson had 450 seminar attendees. Abruptly in 2020, he could no longer hold in-person events. He switched to lower-cost webinars, and he was surprised to find his marketing efforts improved when he had 1,000 webinar attendees. Find out how you can do the same in this short video.


How to win clients and keep them

Success is not based upon the “yes” or “no” but upon communicating with as many people as possible, and then positioning yourself for success. In this presentation, find out how you can close more cases and earn more referrals.


Significant ways I’m adapting to a new normal

During a crisis, advisors are seeing that they must make big changes in their practice, particularly when it comes to marketing and presenting to clients. In this episode, MDRT members share the adjustments they’ve made and the benefits they have seen as a result.

You’ll hear from:
Catherine Chee Keng Lian, MBA, FChFP
John P. Enright
Sarah Helen Hogan, ACII

Episode breakdown:
0:27 – Replacing a plan for seminars with webinar marketing
2:38 – Recognizing that it’s better late than never to be active on social media
3:10 – Transferring in-person drawings to drawing on a screen
4:40 – Seeing that you can separate yourself through consistency
6:52 – Realizing that what you post on social media must change
8:41 – Embracing the power of sharing video content


An often-overlooked center of influence

Centers of influence don't have to be accountants and attorneys. Aurora Tancock shares her best source for reaching more clients.


How seminars can help you find ideal clients

Aurora Tancock has been doing seminars for a local human resources department for 18 years. Here's how they help grow her practice.

Practice Management

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Developing new ideas for customized service and digital marketing

The pandemic has created new opportunities to tailor your approach with each client and prospect. In this episode, MDRT members share how they make sure that communication on video, on the phone and, if possible, in person matches the wants and needs of the client.

You’ll hear from:
Catherine Chee Keng Lian, MBA, FChFP
John P. Enright
Sarah Helen Hogan, ACII

Episode breakdown:
0:31 – Delivering information via PowerPoint rather than a folder in person
1:06 – Utilizing video but recognizing when a phone call is preferred
4:04 – How video marketing can drive follow-up conversations with clients
5:27 – Remembering to give clients a choice about how they are served
7:18 – Thriving through a willingness to change and adapt


Missing opportunities? Widen your network and build influence

Top of the Table qualifier David Blake discusses how he has increased his business and well-being through helping in communities and meeting centers of influence.


How to utilize cutting edge technology to skyrocket your production

Mannette had the worst year of his career in 2018 and was devasted not to qualify for MDRT. He explains how he made some changes using the Whole Person concept to come back stronger than ever and qualify for Court of the Table.


Lessons advisors apply from other roles they’ve had

Do the responsibilities of financial advisors have anything in common with a pilot, a student at a demanding school or a parent of four kids? In this episode, MDRT members share how roles that might seem separate from their current work have helped inform the way they run their practice.

You’ll hear from:

Yakov Baylis, CLU, ChFC
Edward M. Burnett, RICP
Russell L. Clousing, ChFC, CLU

Episode breakdown:

0:33 – Delivering quality time as a professional pilot for businesspeople
2:55 – The universal importance of managing expectations
3:50 – Work ethic gleaned from a rigorous educational program
5:50 – How those lessons were applied as a financial advisor
6:50 – How raising four kids translates to prioritizing and managing multiple challenges
8:18 – Knowing when there is and isn’t time for friendly chatter
10:11 – Identifying focus time in school or at the office
11:12 – Recognizing that you don’t always have to take every call


The benefits of working as a team

Kathleen Benjamin's 20-person team collaborates to best serve their clients. Here's how it works for them.


Finding new opportunities to embrace virtual connection

The pandemic has inspired advisors to innovate a variety of touchpoints with clients, staff and friends in the financial services profession. In this episode, MDRT members discuss the benefits of Zoom happy hours, increasing the frequency of meeting with your peer group and more.

You’ll hear from:
Catherine Chee Keng Lian, MBA, FChFP
John P. Enright
Sarah Helen Hogan, ACII

Episode breakdown:
0:30 – Developing a Zoom happy hour for my clients
2:51 – Turning a quarterly catch-up into a weekly meeting
4:45 – Hearing fantastic feedback from clients about your efforts
5:24 – Reviewing client cases with colleagues and creating motivation

Q&A: Rickson D'souza

Rickson D'souza's Instagram feed is filled with photos of other businesses.

A four-step plan to motivate during this crisis

Abdullah sees increase in business thanks to proactive strategy with staff.

Heart plus head

Henderson explains the benefits of bringing on a technical mind completely different from his own.

Virtual reality

Johnson leverages automation to maintain and grow a client base that is nearly 100% remote.

The gift of time

Regulations prompt shift to annual fees, but results make for stronger business.

Making the best of video conferencing

Ideas for the right tech to use and getting clients to commit to the meeting.

Whole Person

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Books that have played an impactful role during challenging times

Have you found a book that can make a difference in a client’s life and taken the initiative to share it with them? In this episode, MDRT members explain each of the books they have chosen and the difference that it made.

You’ll hear from:
Catherine Chee Keng Lian, MBA, FChFP
John P. Enright
Sarah Helen Hogan, ACII

Episode breakdown:
0:31 – A surprising coincidence about “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse”
2:36 – Recognizing the elevated value of “Raising Financially Aware Kids” during the pandemic
3:12 – Why clients can learn from “Walking out of the Financial Maze”
There are many reasons why advisors might have wanted to share reading


The 3 P’s of this business

Meszaros shares how believing in people, purpose and passion allows her to take care of her clients and make a difference in the world.

The nature of support

MDRT Foundation grant helps in unexpected ways during COVID-19 crisis.

Committed to helping

Brian Walsh brings his lifelong motto to his leadership role as MDRT Foundation President.

On the path to growth

2021 MDRT President Ian Green focuses on guiding clients and members to greater satisfaction at work and home.

Time to recharge

How to combat compassion fatigue and burnout, while still helping clients.

Results alone are not enough

In a world of ongoing digital transformation, we must rethink our practice to continue being relevant, creating value and being our clients first choice. In this session you will learn how, if you implement small details into your practice, you will gain client loyalty and maintain a solid and lasting bond.


Mind changers

Parwani shares how mind-changer tools can change your life.


Nominee acceptance speech

Gagne discusses the beginning of financial services career, his MDRT family and his involvement within the organization as he joins the Executive Committee.


Incoming President's speech

MDRT First Vice President Ian Green talks about what MDRT has meant for him personally, through the Whole Person concept, and for his career, through access to the ideas of his peers.


Presidential address

When life takes you on an unexpected and difficult journey, there are those who step up and infuse the world with MDRT’s message of excellence, service and significance, said MDRT President Regina Bedoya, in her Presidential address at the 2020 MDRT Annual Meeting and Global Conference Virtual Event.


How the MDRT Foundation has impacted me

Maybe it’s seeing the opportunities and memories created for people around the world. Maybe it’s recognizing your perspective on the world has changed. In this episode, two MDRT members who currently serve on the MDRT Foundation Board of Trustees share how they have seen a difference in their lives through volunteering with the MDRT Foundation.

You’ll hear from:
Adrian P. Baker, DipPFS
Priti Ajit Kucheria, CFP, LUTCF

Episode breakdown:
0:26 – My biggest memory from more than a decade with the Foundation
1:22 – The first moment when I realized the power of the Foundation
4:07 – How I noticed the impact of the Foundation on my life
5:07 – Recognizing the ability to change lives around the world
5:58 – When the people in my life take notice of my involvement
6:51 – Expanding my awareness on a global level